Saturday, October 5, 2013


It's been a while...this year and life in general have been interesting!

Since my last post I have blown all my goals out of the water. Once I figured out that people would be interested in my knives I made certain goals for myself. One of these was to try and get a picture in a magazine some time during 2014.

Well that happened at least 4 times this year. The biggest surprise of all was being named one of Blade Magazines Makers to Watch in the March issue.

I finished up my knives for the Blade Show and had a fantastic time with friends and fellow makers.

A pile of materials from Blade and a Taurus12 acquired in a swap with Erik Markman.

 I did not make any knives purposely intending to enter judging but at the last minute I decided to enter 3 (the allowable number).

I entered a Loveless Pattern Drop Hunter in the Hunter category, a Loveless Pattern Battle Knife in the Fighter category, and a Loveless 5" Fighter in the New Maker category.

I ended up winning Best New Maker for the following knife:

I love knife making! The friendships I have developed along with the skill set acquired make me a happy person.

Thanks to all who support me and find my stuff worth purchasing!