Sunday, September 25, 2011


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 I have always had an affinity for knives; I still own the first one I bought (Bucklite single bladed folder).  Of course as the years go by it always seems as if our interests/tastes get more expensive.  The knives I collected were all over the place designwise;  I preferred smaller fixed blades with full size handles.  As the collection grew I decided to try and narrow down my interest.  This decision lead to the admiration and study of the Loveless designs.  I currently only collect the Loveless design Chute knife from makers that I feel try to adhere to the original.

The above has lead me to knife making. I started making knives just over a year ago while recuperating from chemo. I started this new endeavor with knives of my design so that I could work on the art of hollow grinding a blade and handle sculpting. To date most of my knives have been handled in Micarta;  I find this a very stable handle material that if shaped correctly will exhibit "grain" like wood.  I haunt Ebay and other sources looking for vintage/rare phonelics that can be used in handle work. An example can be seen below:


  1. beautiful knife! i love how the handle is linen and i'm guessing paper micarta. am i right? the join of the the two is seamless. do you make any folders?

  2. It is actually natural canvas Micarta and a vintage paper Micarta (half right). It is the good old stuff that will darken with age. The original piece is a deep Carmel color. Folders are on my to-do list; when that time comes they will be slip joints.

  3. This utilitarian blend of art and usefulness takes knife making to a level I have only scene two other times that comes to thought.

    The blade shape with that long belly makes for a great skinner !

    The integration of the of the two types of Micarta are very beautiful.
    Even down to the brass whole is the handle.
    What an outstanding blend of colors.

    It's clearly evident that LOTS of craftsmanship, thought, and time went into the making of BEAUTY !