Monday, October 3, 2011

California Custom Knife Show...the day after.

I got through the show unscathed; it was a really good weekend.  I was re-acquainted with some original customers and met a number of people from the different forums I frequent:



Everybody was very kind and encouraging.  I was able to catch up and thank both Thad Buchanan and John Young and get some criticism of my work.  I will only say I am currently trying not to get a big head.  Their comments were encouraging to say the least.

The show organizers did an excellent job on choosing the location (a whole lot better than last year).  I am not sure how they chose the table assignments but I ended up next to my good friend Robert Scheppmann (a literal neighbor and knife maker coincidentally) which made the show that much better!  I also had the benefit of having my wife with me on Saturday and my brother on Sunday (it is excellent to have a family that cheers you on).

The downside of attending knife shows as a maker is the fact that you don't get to peruse the show and other makers offerings as thoroughly as one would wish.  I guess the upside, you can't spend any money. 

My first sale Saturday:

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