Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Prybuddy and me

I have always liked gadgets, especially when they are small and useful.  I have a small collection of handmade tools along with some mass produced ones.  When I started making knives I realized that I also had the capability of making a few small tools.

My first design the Prybuddy came out of necessity.  In my day job I deal with a weather proof cabinet that is very difficult to open.  It can be opened using your fingers but after/during recuperation from chemo my nails would rip/break.  I purchased a mini prybar from an online source.  This worked except for this tool had a bend in it causing my key ring to feel bulky.  It was also just a prybar there weren't any other cool features. So I fired up the CAD program, delivered a file and some carbon steel to a friend that does laser cutting and out popped my first design.  A key sized tool that included a prybar, bottle opener, 1/4" hex drive, and the rounded end was left with the laser cut finish to be used as a ferrocium rod scraper in a pinch.  They are hand ground, heat treated, finished and the logo etched similar to one of my knives.

                                           Post heat treat

I was contacted by one of my customers about what I called this tool (I didn't know there was a reason for this question).  At that time I was calling it a tool, prybar, keychain, etc.(not very imaginative I know).  I was not able to come up with a name that was satisfying so I told Matt that if he came up with a decent name I would send him another. Thus the name Prybuddy and the YouTube video below:

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