Monday, January 9, 2012

A couple complete and a new project.

One of my Modern Nessmuks (upper) with carbon fiber and Buckeye with .125 copper pins. The lower is a test knife.  I am a fan of Winkler II knives and and after seeing the Snody/Lorien Millbrook project I semi-married the two. A tall full grind with the exposed tang.

Both out of A2 and hollow ground. No flat grinds here; I used a 36" radius platen to produce the full height grind.


The second also a "see if I can do it" knife.  A raised clip (cuz I can't stand the term "harpoon grind") with Maple/G10 and Micarta pins also A2.

And finally 6 Loveless patterns in the works. From L-R a 4.5 Utility Hunter, Mini Wilderness, Chute, traditional Stiffhorn, 2-Utility bladed Stiffhorns (both OG Loveless designs but both different) the three larger in CPM154 the 3 smaller in 154CM



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  2. Pretty sweet there, David Sharp. I've only wanted to own knives from a few maker's and you are one of them. Keep it up, all of it.