Monday, May 14, 2012

HIDI part 6; More guards and pre-shaping

 So a little more milling of a fighter guard:

With the size of these mills (a bit fragile) I drill a series of holes to remove some of the material and then connect the dots.
To bad you pay for everything not just what you use!

I guess they fit okay?  These are straight from the mill, 0 file/hand work.
Guards fitted; I am note sure were the 6th went in this picture.

Drilling for pins. Notice the guards just look like chunks of steel:

Pre-HT rough guard shaping.

If I have done it correctly I can remove most of the soon to be waste material and take a bit off of the guard shoulders and create a seamless fit (the reason it is pre-HT).
Guards fitted, pin holes drilled, and I had to go do one more thing:
I collect chute knives; I had to go ol' skool and put lanyard holes in the Chute's guard.
A pile of blades:
Ready for HT

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