Sunday, October 14, 2012

No post in September because...

I got behind in preparation for the California Custom Knife Show.  It was abnormally hot in August and September and shop time was miserable.

The CCKS is in it's third year and this year was my second year holding a table.  A fitting way to mark the passing of my second year as a knife maker. I love shows because even though I am not a "people person" you get to see the look in a person's eye when you have something on your table that truly excites them.  As a new maker it is also a way to catch up with more accomplished maker for a round of constructive criticism. 

I am fortunate when it comes to shows here in So Cal that my wife hangs out with me for one day and my brother the next. I also get to hang out with my good friend Robert Scheppmman (a neighboring knife maker).

Wife and I
Four of the Loveless patterns I had on the table; T-B, Stiff Horn, Chute, Hideout, and Drop Hunter (better pics below)

Sharpwerks side of the table

David Sharp

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